There is a prescribed uniform for both boys and girls . No student is allowed to attend the school without proper uniform. Parents must see that their wards come in proper uniform everyday. Improperly dressed-up children will be sent back home.

Summer Uniform ( April to October )

Sr.No. Boys Girls
1 White Shirt with school insignia on pocket. White Shirt/Blouse with school insignia on pocket.
2 Prescribed Blue Trousers/Shorts. Prescribed Blue Skirt/Tunic.
3 Grey Socks with Blue Stripes on top. Grey Socks/Stockings with Blue Stripes on top.
4 Black leather shoes with laces. Black Leather Shoes.
5 School Belt. School Belt.
6 Turban or Patka for Sikh Boys (Sky Blue Colour)  
7 I-Card I-Card

Winter Uniform ( November to March )

1White Full Sleeves Shirt With School insigina on Pocket.White full sleeves Shirt/Blouse
2Steel grey Woollen Trousers.Steel grey woollen skirt/Steel grey trousers allowed for girls of classes Nry to Class V (No leggings)
3Navy Blue Blazer with School InsigniaNavy Blue Blazer with School Insignia on pocket.
4Navy Blue Pullover with sky blue stripes on borders and V Neck.Navy Blue pullover with sky blue stripes on borders and V Neck.
5Grey Woolen Socks with Blue stripes on top.Grey woolen socks/stockings with blue stripes on top.
6School Belt and School tie.School Belt and School tie.
7Turban or Patka of Navy Blue Colour for Sikh Boys 
8Black leather shoes.Black leather shoes.

Saturday (Summer and Winter): Third Saturday of every month is considered as activity day.
* Students should wear House colour T-shirt, Track Pant and Canvas Shoes on all working Saturdays.

Note :

  • Girls up to class II are to wear ‘Tunics’.
  • From class III onwards girls will wear divided skirts.
  • Boys upto class VII will wear shorts only in summers.
  • Boys should have proper and regular hair cut.
  • Students are required to wear white lab coats during practical work.
  • Improperly dressed children will not be allowed to enter the school.
  • Blazers for classes Nursery & KG is optional.